• One of the great things I have gained from ‘BereanSafari’ experience was to connect with other national leaders from Kenya and other parts of Africa.  As we shared about our ministry experiences, including achievements or challenges in the ministries of each of our countries, it was so wonderful to find out there were many common things we shared with each other.  In this, we could be an encouragement to one another.

    J-K MKorean Missionary working in Sweden
  • BereanSafari is a week spent at the feet of Christ, submitting to the Scriptures, listening to them rather than conforming the Scriptures to the culture of our day. It is one of the rare conferences where everyone is a learner, even the facilitators themselves. It is a place where we can travel together, discovering different insights and gathering them together for the benefit of the entire group. BereanSafari is a study not to miss.

    J WKenyan working in Tanzania
  • I can no longer make Scripture say what I want it to say but must let it speak what it is meant to speak to us. This style of study forces us to listen to the Word itself. It‘s been life challenging and life changing. I will never be the same after studying the Gospel in this way!

    Ethiopian Christian Leader
  • I have learned to interpret the Word through BereanSafari and to labor to put myself in the place of the writer in his context so as to understand the original meaning first before applying it to my situation. This has been very enlightening and refreshing and has taught me not to just take in what is taught to me but to interact with the Word myself. The discussion with others has also been very enriching and especially because we come from different parts of the world so it gives very enriching views and one is able to learn a lot. This has therefore been a very different and fulfilling experience for me that has helped enrich my own personal devotion.

    L NKenya
  • BereanSafari opened my eyes and ears and empowered me with renewed hermeneutical skills. The style of Bible study required diligence but in the end proved to be good, appropriate and worthwhile. It pushed me to the conviction that I need to be faithful to the Scripture every time I prepare a sermon. Scripture is clearly of one piece in desiring to reveal God as Savior and Lord.

    Stated ClerkMilimani Presbytery, PCEA- Nairobi, Kenya