BereanSafari 2013 continues the same manuscript-style Bible studies that have characterized these events over the years.  These events seek to bring together, on this “Safari into the Word of God,” about 120 delegates from Africa and elsewhere.  A limited number of spaces are available for non-Africans at the July 2013 event.  We believe that this meeting of cultures will not only enrich the discovery process but also help each of us to see our own biases as we interact with the Scriptures.  Our target audience includes community and business leaders, church pastors/leaders, para-church ministry leaders, mission organization leaders, among others.  Feel free to nominate others for consideration, by sending their contacts immediately to  As places are limited, participation is only by acceptance by the BereanSafari 2013 Committee. Our international faculty members are returning for a seventh year.

  • BereanSafari 2013 dates are 6 to 13 July 2013.
  • Venue: Tabor Hill Retreat Centre
  • Cost: USD350 for non-East Africans and Kshs. 18,000/= for East Africans. Price is inclusive of transport from Nairobi to Centre and back.
  • Plan to arrive in Nairobi no later than noon on 6th July in order to allow time to travel to the conference site.   Details of shuttle service from Nairobi and other important information will be sent upon registration.
  • Due to the nature of the workshop, it is essential that you be present (and functional!) from the beginning.  To avoid jet lag, you may want to arrive in Nairobi before July 6th.   (We can provide a list of possible hotels / guest houses.)
  • We begin with supper at 6:30pm on 6th July and conclude with lunch on the 13th
  • It is possible to leave the event early, but latecomers will not be accepted.
  • There will be no pro-rating of fees for early departures.
  • Participants will have opportunity for an excursion.  Playing fields, a farm and extensive grounds are available on site.
  • The conference language will be English.

We believe that BereanSafari is one of very few events that bring together a very diverse group to bond around the Word of God.  We believe that interaction focusing on the Gospel is an essential element of moving toward the future in unity.  These study conferences have consistently been a transforming and refreshing event for many. We are confident it will be for you as well.  Please join us on an exciting journey of discovery and transformation at BereanSafari 2013!