For several years a number of East African leaders attended manuscript-Bible-study based conferences in Bangkok, Thailand.  On March 18 – 19, 2006, following one such event, the African participants stayed on for two days to debrief their experience together.  FOCUS Kenya hosted the debriefing, with FOCUS staff David Muturi chairing the meetings.  On the second day the discussion focused on “Should we / Can we” take this concept “on the road” back to Africa?  Participants then formed a committee to decide on the way forward to bring this model of Manuscript Bible Study to East Africa.

Initially the broad-based committee included members from various countries in East Africa.  But once it became evident that the first event would be best held in the Nairobi area, a Kenyan organizing committee was appointed.

Of the various names suggested for this new initiative, the committee quickly agreed on “BereanSafari.”   In the New Testament, the believers in Berea were noteworthy for their careful attention to Scripture.  Safari is the Swahili word for “journey.”  Thus, BereanSafari – a journey of discovery into the Scriptures!